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If you are a real gamer, you really want to get a laptop that you can upgrade, the first thing you should have in mind is to look for a laptop with a lower level of features. In other words, you should plan to buy a laptop with decent features with the potential to get better.

Apart from expanding the memory of your laptop, the storage part is another important component that you will probably need to upgrade, especially if you have large files. So, you need to watch out for M.2 slots, which will give you access to install or replace your SSD.

Another important point that I need to mention is that ultra-slim and rugged gaming laptops are designed in a way that their parts are impossible to upgrade or replace. This is why it’s necessary to pay close attention to the laptop’s design that you want to buy if you have plans to upgrade in the future.

Also, I will advise that you stay clear of laptops that come with touchscreen features because they can be very difficult to upgrade. You will only be able to upgrade the hard drives, but you won’t be able to touch the RAM.

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